THE HISTORY & Logic   BEHIND THE NAMING 24 Tirthankaers

A child is born without a name. A few days after its birth, it is given a name. The purpose is to give identity and recognition. In some instances, there will be an incident or memory associated with the name that is chosen for the child. In some other instances it could be the physical appearance, colour, dreams etc that resolves the name. In the avaspirni age of the Jain religion there have been Lord Rishab and twenty four others lords who were born. The following is an account of the reasons or incidents related to the naming of these 24 lords of the Jain religion.

01.    Lord Rishab Prabhu

Before the birth of Lord Rishab his mother Marudeva had first had a dream of 'Vrishab'. On both the thighs of Lord Rishab in this the words 'Vrishab' were imprinted. Hence he came to be known as Rishab. Rishab and Vrishab mean the same.

02.       Lord Ajit Prabhu

The parents of Lord Ajit would always involve themselves in games and sports. Each time they did so, the father invariably won the game against his mother. But after the conception of lord Ajit his mother would always win the games. Thus she named his 'Ajit' or the unconquered one.

03.    Lord Sambhav Prabhu

When the Lord Sambhav was conceived the production of grains increased and there was much prosperity. Hence he was called Sambhav or possible.

04.    Lord Abhinandan Prabhu

After the conception of Lord Abhinandan, the Lord Indira would often come and greet the unborn child. So the child came to be known as Abhinandan.

05.    Lord Sumati Prabhu

From the time the child was conceived by its mother she had a strange and astonishing enlightenment of wisdom and knowledge. She then decided to call the child Sumati or the one with good wisdom.

06.   Lord Padma Prabhu

When the Lord Padma was concieved by its mother, she had a desired to be reclining on the bed of the Lotus flowers. One of the Gods, fulfilled her desire by creating a recliner made of lotus petals for her. The child that was born also had the rosy complexion of a lotus flower. Hence he was called Padma or the Lotus flower.

       07.   Lord Supasharv Prabhu

After the conception of the child its mother's pasharv turned beautiful. So he was called Supasharv.

08.   Lord Chandra Prabhu

When the Lord Chandra was conceived, his mother felt a longing for the moon. Her complexion glowed of happiness with radiance and the beauty of the moon. So the child that brought that glow to the mother came to be called Chandra or the Moon.

09.    Lord Suvidhi Prabhu

The mother of Lord Suvidhi achieved success and prosperity in every endeavour she undertook, so she called her child Suvidhi.

        10.   Lord Sheetal Prabhu

The father of Lord Sheetal was troubled with a malignant heat disease. The medications that he was taking did not help him in any way. Since the conception of the child the father was instantly relieved of his heat disease and hence they called the child Sheetal or the cool one.

         11.     Lord Shreyans Prabhu

The father of Lord Shreyans had a bed, which was the family heirloom that had been bestowed by the gods. But whoever reclined on it would be greatly inconvenienced. When the child was conceived the mother of the child had a great desire to recline on this bed and she did so. But the gods did her no harm as they realized she was bearing the Lord. The mother was saved due to her being in family state. So she called her son Shreyans.

12.    Lord Vasupujya Prabhu

When the Lord Vasupujya was conceived the god Indira started venerating the mother of the unborn child. Also the Vaishram Gods started showering the kingdom with diamonds and precious stones, so he came to be called Vasupujya.

13.      Lord Vimal Prabhu

When the Lord Vimal was conceived, the mind and the body of the mother were calmed and relaxed. She called her son Vimal or the relaxed one.

14.      Lord Anant Prabhu

When the Lord Anant was conceived, one day in her dream his mother saw an endless chain of diamonds linked together. She called her son Anant or the endless one.

15.      Lord Dharma Prabhu

When the Lord Dharma was conceived the mother became very religious and devout and she resolved to call her son Dharma.

16.      Lord Shanti Prabhu

When the Lord Shanti was conceived there was an uprising that had been peacefully settled hence he came to be called Shanti or peace.

17.    Lord Kunthu Prabhu

The mother of Lord Kunthu, one day saw a dream in which on a beautiful and fertile wide expanse of land there was a huge dome of diamonds and she thus awakened from her sleep. So she called her son Kunthu.

18.    Lord Ar Prabhu Prabhu

When the Lord Ar was conceived his mother in her dream saw a beautiful and huge chakra and so called her son ar.

19.      Lord Malli Prabhu

When the Lord Malli was conceived his mother had a strong inclination to sleep on a bed bedecked with the fragrant flowers of all seasons. Hence she called her child Malli.

20.    Lord Munisuvrat  Prabhu

When the child Lord Munisuvrat was conceived his mother was bound by a vow so the child came to be known as Suvrat.

21.      Lord Nami Prabhu

When the child was conceived the kingdom of Lord Nami was invaded by the enemy. His mother felt a desire to go on to the roof of the house and look down upon the enemy and due to this with the effect of the child in the womb, the enemy was defeated. The child was hence called Nami.

22.     Lord Arishtanemi Prabhu

When the child was conceived the mother in her dream saw a huge diamond studded wheel spinning. They decided to call the child Arishtanemi.

23.      Lord Pashwarya Prabhu

When the child had been conceived in the womb of the mother of Lord Pashwarya, one day while his parents were asleep in pitch darkness, the mother felt that there was a seven headed snake passing by the bedside where they were asleep. Drawing her husbands arm away from where the snake was passing she saved his life. She said she could see it even in the pitch darkness. Hence they called their child Pashwarya.

24.    Lord Vardhamana Prabhu

There was prosperity like never before after the conception of Lord Vardhamana in the kingdom and the love among the family members increased. Hence he was called Vardhaman or ever prospering.

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